Dynamic Spectrum Alliance Q1 2023 Newsletter

Keeping you updated about our activities! Here we highlight our latest work and focus on areas where we are empowering the next wave of spectrum access.

Introduction from Martha Suárez
There is no doubt that 2023 is going to be a vitally important year as we all prepare for WRC-23 in November/December, and this has been evidenced by just how fast the first quarter went by for so many of us! With more and more countries and organizations recognising the important role of Dynamic Spectrum Management Systems and affordable technologies such as Wi-Fi for affordable broadband connectivity and innovation the momentum seen in the last quarter shows no signs of slowing down.
Since the last fall, there has been great progress made in advancing Standard Power operations in the 6 GHz band under the management of Automated Frequency Coordination (AFC) systems. The United States Federal Communication Commission (FCC) announced conditional approval for 6 GHz band AFC Systems. In December 2022, the Innovation, Science, and Economic Development (ISED) in Canada also released DBS-06 — Automated Frequency Coordination (AFC) System Specifications for the 6 GHz (5925-6875 MHz) Frequency Band, which was amazing to see.
Additionally, in February 2023, ANATEL in Brazil closed a subsidy survey (one type of public consultation) to receive contributions on which should be the technical and operational parameters of the Automated Frequency Coordination systems and standard power equipment operating in the 6 GHz band. This will allow the use of Wi-Fi 6E outside the limits of buildings and coexisting with incumbent services. ANATEL highlighted that this type of operation of Wi-Fi 6E networks is an option for the more than 19000 small broadband Wireless Internet Service Providers that couldn't access 5G frequencies in the last spectrum auction.
Besides, at MWC 2023, the President of ANATEL - Carlos Baigorri - confirmed that the 6 GHz band in Brazil will maintain 1,200 MHz of capacity for unlicensed access benefiting non-traditional operators. Furthermore, our recent collaboration with Brazilian ISP association ABRINT, alongside members companies CISCO and Broadcom, to give 6 GHz Wi-Fi a new platform. With ABRINT becoming an official AFC operator, this can only be seen as a fantastic advancement.
We also hosted our first events of 2023, starting with “Wi-Fi Matters: Delivering an inclusive, connected, life for Europeans”. We gathered in Brussels at the Microsoft Centre to discuss the social and economic value of Wi-Fi with experts, policymakers, and members of civil society from across Europe. It was great to present a clear message that Wi-Fi does in fact matter and should be recognised in the overall European strategy towards connectivity. One key takeaway from the event was that in order to achieve a digitally connected Gigabit Europe a functional Wi-Fi ecosystem is required, alongside the adoption of fibre, satellite, 5G and other telecommunication infrastructure components. If you’d like to review the highlights of this event, we have made this available to view on our dedicated YouTube channel.

I was invited to speak at the CTO Digital Week in London (please share the video of my presentation, it is already on the DSA Website homepage), and also spoke at the 5G European Spectrum Conference. The final video from Global Forum included me, so you can include that link too. I shared it in my LinkedIn and Twitter accounts.
As part of our advocacy activities, we have been actively participating in different public consultations. It is amazing to see the increasing interest on these subjects. There has been so many I could showcase in my notes today, but I’d specifically like to draw your attention to the NTIA, UK and South Africa consultations about spectrum sharing. We are continuing our efforts to participating in more of these throughout the rest of this year.
I would finally like to thank everyone who attended our 2023 Global Summit in Rio de Janeiro, whether this was in-person or virtually. With over 120 registered attendees, 40 speakers from over 11 countries and delegates from 13 different countries, the event was a huge success. If you were unable to attend, don’t worry: the slides and videos from the event are available on the DSA website. I’d like to take the time to highlight the great partnership established between the DSA and Wi-Fi Now, with whom our event was graciously co-located with. I would also like to thank all the sponsors of the Global Summit, including Amazon, Aruba, Meta, Broadcom, Federated Wireless, Internet Society and RCR Wireless News. All companies mentioned all played a crucial part in making the event so triumphant!
We hope a clearer path has been paved towards providing the most advanced and reliable broadband connectivity for all and we look forward to welcoming everyone back to the 2024 Summit. In the meantime, I am looking forward to seeing the future spectrum sharing successes this year will bring.
Martha Suárez
DSA President

What´s new?
Mexico should consider the option of opening the entire 6Ghz band for free use, according to the Dynamic Spectrum Alliance (DSA)

The populations of nine countries across North and South America are already enjoying the benefits that access to the 6Ghz band brings and a new report from the DSA reveals new and unique quantitative and qualitative research into the massive benefits the people of Mexico would get by using the 5925-7125 MHz segment based on current trends and particular circumstances of the region.
Fast, Reliable Wi-Fi for Standard Power Devices across Brazil Supported through Ground-Breaking Collaboration among DSA, Broadcom, CISCO and ABRINT

Wireless broadband access in Brazil will be expanded through the standard power unlicensed use of the 6 GHz as a result of a partnership between the biggest civil association for Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in Brazil (ABRINT) and the Dynamic Spectrum Alliance (DSA), alongside its member companies Broadcom Inc. and Cisco Systems Inc.


Choosing wi-fi over mobile networks key to europe’s digital development

As we enter 2023, the continual growth of internet traffic has only made a stronger case for making the upper 6 GHz band accessible for unlicenced access. Giants of the industry such as Apple and Meta are embracing Wi-Fi 6E in technologies that have become increasingly available to the general public, and adequate capacity within the 6 GHz spectrum band is required  for further innovation. READ MORE

Discussion in the media
Virtual Forum on Regulation 2023: The intersectoral perspective as a transversal challenge to the emergencies of the sector
TeleSemana. 26 january 2023

The topics of radioelectric spectrum, the regulation of platforms and the Internet, the need to have regulatory innovation strategies and the need to address new issues that are being imposed by their own weight, were the main talking points of the last two days of the 5th Virtual Forum on Regulation.
The topic of spectrum who also presented by Martha Suárez, president of the Dynamic Spectrum Alliance (DSA) and GSMA Latin America director Lucas Gallitto. In Suárez’s view, and as a contextual framework, a great deal of spectrum has become viable in the region and the band reorganisation process has begun. Spectrum has also been recovered for commercial purposes, which has made it possible to make it available to the mobile industry. READ MORE
Enhancing affordable broadband in Kenya through spectrum sharing
Strathmore University, 03 February 2023

Strathmore University, in collaboration with the Dynamic Spectrum Alliance (DSA) under the Digital Access Program (DAP) sponsored by the Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office (FCDO), handed over three reports on the study of Enhancing Affordable Broadband Connectivity through Dynamic Access to Spectrum to the Communications Authority of Kenya on Friday, February 3. One of the reports addressed the existing gaps in spectrum sharing in Kenya and gave recommendations on how the CA can enable the use of unutilized Radio Frequency (RF) spectrum to deliver broadband connectivity to communities that currently have poor Internet connectivity. READ MORE
Mexico’s spectrum decision and the global debate over 6GHz
Developing Telecoms, 21 February 2023

The decision by Mexico’s regulator – the Instituto Federal de Telecomunicaciones (IFT) – to open only the lower portion of the 6GHz band for license-exempt applications such as Wi-Fi has been met with some disappointment – notably from the collaboration forum known as the Wi-Fi Alliance. But is this really bad news?
The Dynamic Spectrum Alliance which focuses on efficient utilization of spectrum, has also weighed in, saying: “License-exempt use of the entire 6GHz band for Wi-Fi will be critical to address current pressing bandwidth demands for end users, new applications and industries.”  READ MORE
ABRINT signs agreement with DSA for a 6GHz Wi-Fi coordination system
Teletime, 27 February 2023

ABRINT entered into an agreement with the Dynamic Spectrum Alliance (DSA) to offer regional provider an automatic frequency coordination (AFC) system that allows Wi-Fi access points to operate at standard power in the 6GHz band. READ MORE
6 GHz Brazil: Anatel reconfirms commitment to full 6 GHz band & AFC comes alive with ABRINT, Broadcom, Cisco, & DSA
Wi-Fi Now, 1 March 2023

President of Brazilian regulator Anatel this week ‘buried’ speculation that 6GHz spectrum allocation to Wi-Fi could be reconsidered. Meanwhile standard power 6 GHz Wi-Fi gains a new platform in Brazil with ISP association ABRINT announcing their intention to become an AFC operator with support from DSA, Cisco and Broadcom. READ MORE
Back Channel – Using Radar to Predict Falls, The Dark Side of the Moon, Name the Mascot! And More
RF Globalnet, 9 March 2023

Back Channel presents the most captivating news and innovations in RF and microwaves. This week, Keysight Technologies acquires Cliosoft, AOC opens registration for Cyber/Electronic Warfare Convergence 2023 Conference, how RF can bring cheap internet to Kenya, and more.
Radio frequencies may be the key to cheap internet, according to People Dailly. Citing a report – Gap Analysis Study on Spectrum Sharing-Kenya 2022 by iLabAfrica, Strathmore University and the Dynamic Spectrum Alliance (DSA). READ MORE
Brazil may have more than one AFC operator at 6 GHz
TeleTime, 27 March 2023

Brazil will not necessarily have a single operator of the automatic frequency coordination system (AFC) in the 6 GHz band. Anatel is studying the possibility of having several operators, informed Vinicius Caram, Superintendent of Resources for Anatel’s provision. READ MORE
“DSMS represents a third way in spectrum management”, says WFP Director
MobileTime, 27 March 2023

Dynamic Spectrum Management Systems (DSMS) represent a third way in frequency management, commented Michael Calabrese, director of the Wireless Future Project at the New Americas Open Technology Institute, during his participation in the Dynamic Spectrum Alliance (DSA) Global Summit, this Monday, 27th, in Rio de Janeiro. READ MORE
ISPs urge Anatel to hurry on final decision for outdoor Wi-Fi 6E
Convergencia Digital, 28 March 2023

As the decision of the Superintendence of Grants and Resources for the Provision of Anatel will not be validated by the Board of Directors, the final decision on the rules for the use of Wi-Fi 6E Outdoor should come into effect by the end of July, after a consultation has been carried out public service for 45 days, said Sidney Nince, advisor to the superintendence, when participating in Wi-Fi Now 2023, which takes place this week in Rio de Janeiro. READ MORE
FCC, US Anatel rules out taking 6GHz band off Wi-Fi in favour of 5G
Convergencia Digital, 28 March 2023

There is not the slightest intention of the United States to change the decision regarding the use of the 6GHz band, destined for Wi-Fi. This statement was made by the executive of the Office of Engineering and Technology of the Federal Telecommunications Commission (FCC), Anatel in the United States, Ira Keltz, who is in Brazil to participate in Wi-Fi NOW, which takes place in Rio de Janeiro. READ MORE
There are 780 certified Wi-Fi 6E devices worldwide
MobileTime. 28 March 2023

So far, 780 devices capable of operating with the Wi-Fi 6E standard have already been certified by the Wi-Fi Alliance worldwide. These are smartphones, routers, televisions, etc., capable of accessing a 6E Wi-Fi network in the 6 GHz band. The expectation is that in 2024 the world retail will be supplied with 1 billion Wi-Fi 6E devices. The numbers were presented by the president of the Wi-Fi Alliance, Kevin Robinson, during the DSA Global Summit 2023, this Monday, 27, in Rio de Janeiro. READ MORE
WIFI 6 Standard Working Group Looks at New Services
PontoISP, 29 March 2023

Since it appeared in 1997, Wi-Fi has evolved from 1 Mbit/s to 9,600 Mbit/s in the current Wi-Fi 6E, and the working group of the IEEE 802.11 standard continues to update the technology in search not only of more speed and quality, but of new services. Dorothy Stanley, Standards Architect for Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, is the current group president. The executive came to Brazil to present the most recent innovations to the sector in a conference that ended today in Rio de Janeiro. READ MORE
Ofcom asks for Spectrum Sharing proposals for building private 5G
MobileEurope, 29 March 2023

UK regulator Ofcom has asked telecoms industry players how it can reallocate Shared Spectrum Licences that were previously the exclusive the domain of mobile network operators. Amalgamating these radio spectrum bands could give small businesses a ‘license’ to create their own local wireless broadband. READ MORE
Supporting a wireless world at DSA Summit 2023
Connect World, 29 March 2023

The sharing of frequency bands using dynamic spectrum coordination systems (DSMS) will be the only way to cope with the surging demand for mobile connectivity, was the conclusion of the first of three ground-breaking reports on the benefits of spectrum sharing presented on the first day of the 2023 DSA Summit. READ MORE
The tipping point for digital inclusion: WWC Rio zooms in on standard power 6 GHz Wi-Fi
Wi-Fi Now, 5 April 2023

Last week the international and Brazilian Wi-Fi industries were united under one roof in Rio de Janeiro – and thrust of the event was on policies and technology for enabling standard power 6 GHz Wi-Fi. Technology provider Broadcom says standard power will ‘fulfil the promise of 6 GHz’ indoors and outdoors including the opportunity to bring multi-gigabit unlicensed FWA services to rural areas. READ MORE

The DSA has been getting involved with various events and workshops, with Martha Suarez joining other industry specialists to advocate effective spectrum utilization. Here are just some examples of events the DSA has attended and partnered with in the last three months:

Virtual Forum on Regulation 2023
TeleSemana, 25-26 January 2023

DSA Global Summit 2022
DSA, 12 – 14 September 2022
Dynamic Spectrum Alliance Workshop in Kenya
TStrathmore University, 27 January 2023
Wi-Fi Matters: Delivering an inclusive, connected, life for Europeans
Dynamic Spectrum Alliance, 7 February 2023
Digital Week: Action for Impact
Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation, 20-24 February 2023

The European 5G Conference 2023
ForumEurope, 13-14 March 2023
The DSA 2023 Global Summit
Dynamic Spectrum Alliance, 27-28 March 2023

Wi-Fi World Congress Americas 2023
Wi-Fi Now, 27-29 March 2023

Regulatory Affairs Work Group (RAWG) Update
As a cross-industry organization, the Dynamic Spectrum Alliance works to engage with regulators and government officials to promote the adoption of legal and regulatory frameworks that facilitate dynamic access to radio spectrum.
The Regulatory Affairs Work Group, chaired by Jennifer McCarthy from Federated Wireless, continues to develop policy positions for ratification by the Dynamic Spectrum Alliance, draft documents for submission to regulatory agencies and develop high-level positions on critical issues related to dynamic spectrum sharing.
Recent filings include:
January 2023  
February 2023  
March 2023  
The full list of filings is available on the DSA website.

Member/ Partner Updates
Broadcom: 2023 Tech Trends that Transform IT
Broadcom, CIO, 10 February 2023
Prepare your organisation for these top five technology predications for 2023, based on the challenges Broadcom sees companies face and the way trends impact companies across the globe. READ MORE
A Spectrum Story: Broadcom details how 6 GHz Wi-Fi came to be
Broadcom, RCR Wireless News, 16 February 2023
In April 2020, the United Sates Federal Communications Commission (FCC) made 1,200 megahertz of spectrum available in the 6 GHZ band for unlicensed Wi-Fi use. The seventh generation of Wi-Fi technology is designed from the ground up with the 6 GHz band in mind, and promises higher spectrum and power efficiency, better interference mitigations, higher capacity density and higher cost efficiency. READ MORE
Federated Wireless and Cisco Collaborate to Accelerate Standard Power Wi-Fi 6E Ecosystem Expansion Worldwide
Federated Wireless
Federated Wireless, a shared spectrum and private wireless leader, today announced an expanded relationship with Cisco to bring the ultra-high speed, capacity, and scalability of Wi-Fi 6E to enterprises in markets worldwide. Cisco will integrate the Federated Wireless Automated Frequency Coordination (AFC) solution into Cisco Wireless 6 GHz capable access points. READ MORE

Upcoming Event Partnerships

Connected North 2023
17-18 April 2023
Manchester, United Kingdom
Since 1997, organisers of Connected North, Total Telecom have provided the connection between the buyers and sellers in the global telecom market. We do this through high quality editorial content and events to facilitate discussion on industry issues and recognise innovation and excellence by companies and individuals.
Digital Transformation Week North America
17-18 May 2023
Santa Clara, California, United States
Digital Transformation Week is the leading event to hear from industry experts and gain valuable knowledge to revamp your digital transformation strategy.
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