The DSA 2021 Global Summit is Virtual! – June 8-10, 2021

The Ninth Annual Dynamic Spectrum Alliance 2021 Global Summit will be held virtually this year. The 2021 Global Summit will bring together policy makers, regulators, academia, and private sector leaders in spectrum management to discuss and debate spectrum sharing methods and models, from exclusive use licensing to unlicensed spectrum allocations.

The Summit will explore how various spectrum sharing regulatory regimes across a variety of complementary spectrum bands can be coordinated to lower costs and increase the capacity of deployments across the globe and connect the remaining 4 billion to the digital economy.

The Dynamic Spectrum Alliance’s Global Summit is the premier event for policy makers, regulators, and industry personnel on Spectrum Sharing. Sessions included keynote presentations, regulatory and industry focused panel sessions, and discussion-oriented roundtables lead by Summit sponsors.



Session 1 | June 8

10:00AM ET | Keynote Addresses 


Martha Suarez, President, Dynamic Spectrum Alliance

Mario Maniewicz, Director, Radiocommunication Bureau, International Telecommunication Union (ITU)

Leonardo Euler, President, Agência Nacional de Telecomunicações (ANATEL), Brazil


11:40AM ET | The Importance of Unlicensed Access

Description: Is there still a need for more unlicensed access to spectrum for broadband, Wi-Fi, and 5G networks? This session will focus on real world data which confirms such a need still exists and is growing for both enterprises and consumers. How unlicensed access is complimentary to existing forms of communications?

Session 2 | June 8


10:00PM ET | Regulatory Update on 6 GHz

Description: This panel will highlight the regulatory best practices for advancing broadband connectivity in the 6 GHz band and why it is important to consider unlicensed access for all 1200 MHz of the 6GHz band. What trends related to wireless unlicensed devices (such as Wi-Fi6, 6E, and Wi-Fi7) mean for the band?


11:30PM ET | APAC Regulators’ Updates on Spectrum Sharing

Description: Hear from regulators throughout the APAC Region on what they are doing to progress spectrum sharing and bring more broadband access to their respective countries. Have them cover their roadmap for spectrum allocation and how does spectrum sharing, 6GHz, enterprise cellular/5G, and solutions for Rural Broadband coverage fit in.

Session 3 | June 9


10:00AM ET | Keynote Addresses 


Mohammed Alotaibi, Deputy Governor, Radio Spectrum, Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC) Saudi Arabia

Mr. Tom Olwero, Director, Frequency Spectrum Management, Communications Authority (CA) Kenya 


11:30AM ET | Spectrum Sharing in Mid-Band in North America and Europe

Description: Hear from industry experts on the progress of benefits of spectrum sharing in the mid-band, and what best practices have been identified for regulators looking to open up more spectrum.

Session 4 | June 10


8:00AM ET | Policy and Spectrum Regulations  

Description: Updates from countries/regions on how they are implementing spectrum sharing regulatory framework, what their priorities are and how does it fit into their national spectrum plans?

Session 5 | June 10


10:00AM ET | Economic Benefit of Flexible Spectrum Networks  

Description: Martha will provide an overview of the topic. Katz will cover how important spectrum sharing networks are to local and regional economies.


10:30AM ET | Wireless Internet Service Panel

Description: Spectrum sharing is not about making spectrum available for a few companies, but about building a broad and diverse ecosystem. Local ISPs can help with this process and will give insight into how regulators can best work with industry to build digital economies.