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Keeping you updated about our activities! Here we highlight our latest work and focus on areas where we are empowering the next wave of spectrum access.
For the Dynamic Spectrum Alliance, 2016 has been an exceptionally busy year and with the 2017 Global Summit just six months away, the year ahead is set to be as equally busy. We are making good progress toward the annual Global Summit, which is being held in Cape Town, South Africa from May 9-11, including securing sponsorship from industry leaders, media partnerships and planning the event agenda.
As you may be aware, H Nwana has stepped down from his role as Executive Director of the Dynamic Spectrum Alliance after two and a half years. The decision was based on both professional and personal reasons. H’s passion and expertise, particularly in the field of spectrum policy and the emerging area of dynamic spectrum access, was greatly valued by the DSA and its members.
In preparation for H stepping down, the DSA Board of Directors began searching for a successor to continue leading the Alliance and its members towards accomplishing their collective goals. With guidance from Board members and H, Kalpak Gude has been named President of the Dynamic Spectrum Alliance. This full-time position is well placed alongside H, who will stay with the Alliance on a part-time basis under the title of Executive Director Emeritus.
I believe Kalpak’s appointment will enable us to have a bigger impact as an organisation, as we continue to grow, diversify, and broaden the scope of the organisation. I would like to thank H Nwana for his passion, expertise and leadership to date, and welcome Kalpak Gude to the Alliance as it begins a new phase in its history.
As an Alliance, three key goals drive us; closing the digital divide, enabling the Internet of Things, and alleviating the “Spectrum crunch”. Throughout the year, we have been building upon these goals through individual (member) and Alliance projects, initiatives, partnerships and attending industry events.
Speaking for Microsoft, over the course of 2016, we’ve been fortunate to launch several new projects with our partners, including Dynamic Spectrum Alliances members 6Harmonics, Adaptrum, AirJaldi, Axiom, C3, Ekovolt, Mid-Atlantic Broadband Communities, M-KOPA, Nominet, Wi-Fi Interactive Network, and many others. In 2017, we are looking forward to playing our part in promoting a dynamic spectrum access ecosystem and bringing more projects to scale, while at the same time sowing more seeds.
Over the last twelve months, the Dynamic Spectrum Alliance has expanded the breadth and depth of its policy positions with a greater focus on increasing unlicensed access to spectrum bands above 5 GHz and staking positions on emerging 5G technologies. This will only become more pronounced in 2017.
This year we have welcomed 11 new members from all around the world including; AirJaldi (India), Wi-Fi Interactive Network (WIN) (The Philippines), Telecast Technology Corp (China), Axiom Technologies (USA), Ekovolt (Nigeria), C3 Limited (Malawi) and Project Isizwe (South Africa).
The successful growth of the Alliance is a trend we intend to continue in the coming year. As we work toward our shared goal of more efficient spectrum utilization leveraging a variety of spectrum licensing regimes and access methods, I want to thank you, the dedicated members, for your ongoing collaboration and support.

DSA Chairman, Paul Garnett

Global Summit Update

DSA Global Summit 2017
The DSA has officially announced the 2017 Global Summit, taking place in Cape Town, South Africa, May 9-11, 2017. The hotel venue for the event will be the Lagoon Beach Hotel, and we are honored to have this year’s conference co-hosted by the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA). You can view the full press release announcing the Summit here.
This year’s Global Summit will focus on implementation of a range of spectrum sharing regimes that will address both rural and urban connectivity challenges across the Globe. Building upon the success of last year’ Summit in Bogota, the DSA will once again hold a full-day Regulator Workshop on May 9, followed by two full days of sessions, seminars, and town hall discussions. We are also pleased to announce that we will be co-locating the Global Summit with WiFi NOW, the world’s no. 1 event & media company for the Wi-Fi industry.
Early Bird Registration is now open. Discounted registration rates and guest passes, as well as speaking and networking opportunities are available for members interested in sponsorship. One important benefit you should be aware of is that new memberships and membership upgrades can be counted toward sponsorships.  If you have any questions about sponsoring this year’s event, please contact admin@dynamicspectrumalliance.org.

Policy/Regulation Update

Regulatory Affairs Work Group update
As a cross-industry organization, the Dynamic Spectrum Alliance works to engage with regulators and government officials to promote the adoption of legal and regulatory frameworks that facilitate dynamic access to radio spectrum.
The Regulatory Affairs Work Group continues to develop policy positions for ratification by the Dynamic Spectrum Alliance, draft documents for submission to regulatory agencies and develops high-level positions on critical issues related to dynamic spectrum sharing.
Recent updates include:
The Working Group submitted initial comments in the FCC's Spectrum Frontiers proceeding on September 30th. The filing highlighted the substantial benefit of dynamic, unlicensed, or light-licensed access to spectrum, and requested that the agency apply the Part 96 CBRS/SAS framework to the 24 and 37 GHz bands. It also sought opportunistic access to unused spectrum in the 37-39 GHz bands. Finally, the group asked that the Commission maintain its existing lightly licensed treatment of the 70-80 GHz bands. Read the full submission paper here.
The Working Group also submitted comments to the FCC in support of a petition filed by Microsoft and Mid-Atlantic Broadband Communities seeking clarification that the FCC’s E-Rate rules permit the use of E-Rate subsidized connectivity to provide Wi-Fi and TV white space wireless Internet access to students at home. Read the full submission paper here.
Finally, the Working Group is considering participation in several Ofcom consultations where the Dynamic Spectrum Alliance can register its support for dynamic access to spectrum. 
The Dynamic Spectrum Alliance is also looking to weigh in with regulators in Australia, Colombia, India, the Philippines, and South Africa, among others.
Any Dynamic Spectrum Alliance member can participate in the Regulatory Affairs Work Group, so if you are interested in this area, then please contact admin@dynamicspectrumalliance.org.

Member/Partner Updates

In this section, we share updates and news from DSA members around the world, if you have an update that you’d like to be included in the next newsletter, please email admin@dynamicspectrumalliance.org.
Following the hugely successful 2016 DSA Global Summit, Adaptrum continues to enhance its leading TVWS products and to support initiatives across the globe that advance the use of TVWS as a means of providing affordable access to connect people, communities, and things.
In the US, Adaptrum's globally proven ACRS TVWS system is being used to close the homework gap in rural Virginia by providing free Internet access over TVWS. As the largest TVWS deployment in the US, its partner Mid-Atlantic Broadband is taking advantage of enhanced ACRS capabilities, including higher power radios and channel expansion, in order to reach more homes and provide higher capacity. Across the Atlantic, after receiving the first ETSI compliance certification in August, Adaptrum equipment is being deployed in the first commercial TVWS network in the UK to close the digital divide in remote areas of Scotland. Adaptrum also received compliance certification with Singapore's IDA, enabling commercial operations targeting marine applications.
Adaptrum also remains at the forefront of supporting initiatives to advance frameworks that open-up underutilized TV spectrum in more countries globally.  In Africa, the success of initial phases of a pilot project in Botswana, have resulted in further network expansion to provide connectivity to more remote clinics and schools.  A local operator in Uganda has recently begun a trial of TVWS.  In South America, the successful demonstration of a TVWS deployment in Colombia during the latest DSA Global Summit earned the acclaim and support for TVWS by Colombia's president, Juan Manuel Santos.
With further significant product enhancements slated for early 2017, Adaptrum remains committed to making Internet access affordable through dynamic spectrum access and TVWS technologies.
Gigabit Libraries Network
In October 2016, the Gigabit Libraries Network (GLN), in partnership with San Jose State University’s School of Information, was awarded a $250,000 grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS), a US federal agency.
The program, “Libraries Leading in Digital Inclusion and Disaster Response via TV WhiteSpace Wireless”, will infuse selected libraries with sub-grant awards to support innovative implementations of partnership projects among neighbouring anchor institutions like schools, health clinics and others to cooperate in developing new ways to expand access to public services as well as enhance community disaster communications. Please read more on this announcement at CivSource and Telecompetitor.
Nominet is working in partnership with Broadway Partners to bring improved broadband access to the Scottish Isle of Arran using spectrum leftover from the digital switchover. The roll-out, which intends to bridge the digital divide between urban and rural dwellers, is the first of its kind in Europe. Nominet was the first UK company to operate a TV white space database and has been trialling TV white space technology since October 2014.
New book on TV White Space by Dr. Ser Wah Oh
Dr. Ser Wah Oh, with Institute for Infocomm Research, recently published a book titled, TV White Space: The First Step Towards Better Utilization of Frequency Spectrum.
After being approached by the IEEE to write a book on TV White Space, Dr Ser Wah Oh set about to write something of relevance – something that was more than a collection of information lacking in analysis. He said: “That’s why my team and I decided to write a book as a single source of reference for TVWS including some level of analyses so that readers understand better some rationales behind TVWS specifically and DSA generically.”
For additional information on the book, please click here.

PR/Media Update

In the News
Hypertext Africa: ICASA to co-host Global Summit on Dynamic Spectrum Allocation in Cape Town next year
Satnews: Cape Town, South Africa, The Venue for The DSA’s 2017 Global Summit
TechRecur: Dynamic Spectrum Alliance announces South African communications regulator as co-host for the 2017 Global Summit and welcomes 11 new members

Recent Industry Events
US-ASEAN-ICT Cooperation Work-plan, 27-29 September, Bangkok, Thailand

H Nwana attended the event on behalf of the Alliance and discussed why ASEAN countries need a different spectrum policy from OECD countries, where economic regulation meets spectrum policy and innovative real world examples of spectrum projects. H and other members, including Adaptrum, played a key role and reinforced the Alliance’s key messages.

Total Telecom Congress 2016, 4-5 October, London, Europe

H Nwana hosted a roundtable discussion titled: Spectrum sharing and unlicensed access for affordable and accessible connectivity with panel members including Prof William Webb and Heikki Kokkinen of Fair Spectrum.

The 3rd Annual Latin America Spectrum Management Conference, 13-14 October, Mexico City, Mexico

This year’s Latin America Spectrum Management Conference provided a high-level meeting point for stakeholders across Latin America and beyond to discuss topical issues relating to the management and co-ordination of spectrum policy across the region. This years’ conference was organised in partnership with ITU and took place alongside the Americas Seminar and Workshop on Digital Broadcasting.

Spectrum Futures, 19-21, October, Singapore, Malaysia

Spectrum Futures explored the ways new capacity—and the business models needed to sustain it—can be brought online, fast, to connect two billion additional Internet users across South and Southeast Asia.

Spectrum Futures was organized by the Pacific Telecommunications Council (PTC), the leading professional organization promoting the advancement and commercial use of information and communication technologies, services, policies, and knowledge to benefit its members and the people of the Pacific region.

Wi-Fi Now International Expo & Conference 2016, 25-27 October, London, Europe

H Nwana joined a panel debate on Wi-Fi & new wireless tech for connecting the unconnected with Jim Forster, Chairman of Mawingu Networks & AirJaldi Networks, James Devine, CIO of Project Isizwe and Frank McCosker, GM Affordable Access at Microsoft. 

The 2nd Annual Sub-Sahara Spectrum Management Conference, 7-8 November, Dakar, Senegal

The 2nd Annual Sub Sahara Spectrum Management Conference provided a high-level meeting point for stakeholders across the region and beyond to discuss topical issues relating to the management and co-ordination of spectrum policy.

ECTA Regulatory Conference, 9-10 November, Brussels, Europe

The ECTA Regulatory Conference explored a wide range of policy issues through a series of keynote speeches and panel discussions. As our lives become increasingly digital, we need the right infrastructure to accommodate this ecosystem. The conference bought together senior policy makers, industry representatives and experts to discuss the emerging IoT, how to meet the connectivity needs for a gigabit society, preventing the digital divide, tackling monopolies and duopolies, platforms, spectrum, the institutional set-up of regulating the Digital Single Market and many more topical issues.

ITU Telecom World 2016, 14-17 November, Bangkok, Thailand

ITU Telecom World 2016 combined a global technology exhibition, a forum for sharing knowledge, a networking hub for corporates, governments and SMEs and a prestigious awards programme. It provided a unique international platform that brought together developed and emerging markets, public and private sector leaders, and industry representatives from across the entire ICT ecosystem.

AfricaCom, 15-17 November, Cape Town, Africa

AfricaCom is the largest and most influential Africa-focused tech event in the world; the meeting place for those driving Africa’s digital transformation. The event is now a week-long festival of thought-provoking content, immersive satellite events, and unique networking experiences. New satellite events for 2016 include IoT & Smart Cities Africa, Telco Big Data, and the Leaders in Africa Summit. H Nwana and other members spoke on the 'What can policymakers and regulators do to accelerate the spread of internet connectivity in Sub-Saharan Africa?’ panel.

Global Africa Investment Summit, 30 November – 1 December, London, Europe

The Global African Investment Summit welcomed world-class speakers ranging from African Heads of States, prominent African and international CEOs and the world’s largest investors to share ideas, engage in debate and identify the latest trends and opportunities in Africa.

Spectrum for 5G, 1 December, Brussels, Europe

Spectrum for 5G was a one-day interactive forum that brought together stakeholders and speakers from both the policy and industry communities in Europe, the US and Asia to discuss the spectrum requirements for 5G.

Upcoming Industry Events
ITU-D Study Group 1: Rapporteur Group Meetings, 9 January, Geneva, Switzerland

Rapporteur Group meeting for Question 1/1: Policy, regulatory and technical aspects of the migration from existing networks to broadband networks in developing countries, including next-generation networks, m-services, OTT services and the implementation of IPv6.

PTC’17, 15-18 January, Honolulu, Hawaii

PTC’17: Changing Realities will explore the changing realities of business, customer demands, the global economy and the global regulatory environment to help attendees identify how these new realities will affect them and how they can chart their own paths through the dynamic changes of our industry.

Wireless Broadband Alliance Vision Forum: Asia, 16 January, Singapore, Asia

The WBA Vision Forum provides an opportunity for participants to meet senior executives from various Government offices, technology companies, telecom operators, ecosystem players, media, and analysts, with the goal of having dialogues on growth and evolving opportunities in unlicensed and licensed connectivity. The agenda will discuss and address issues that are specific to certain regions and countries, including but not limited to public policy, roaming, Connected City developments, etc.

The 3rd Annual MENA Spectrum Management Conference, 24-25 January, Dubai, UAE

The 3rd Annual Middle East and North Africa Spectrum Management Conference will provide a meeting point for spectrum stakeholders to come together and discuss topical issues relating to the management and co-ordination of spectrum policy across the region, it will be held as part of a week-long series of events.

Convergence India, 8-10 February, New Delhi, India

As India marches towards the digital economy of the 21st century, the 25th Convergence India 2017 expo will play host to a congregation of 12,000+ business leaders from across the globe. The international exhibition and expo taking place in India will focus on new-age technologies and emerging business solutions, enabling to enrich the lives of a billion people.

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