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Media Partners

Media Partners

Senza Fili

Senza Fili provides advisory support on wireless technologies and services. At Senza Fili we have in-depth expertise in financial modeling, market forecasts and research, white paper and report preparation, business plan support, strategic advice, and due diligence. Our client base is international and spans the entire value chain. We work with vendors, mobile operators and other service providers, enterprises, system integrators, investors, public agencies, and industry associations. We provide a bridge between technologies and services, helping our clients assess established and emerging technologies, leverage these technologies to support new or existing services, and build profitable business models. Independent advice, a strong quantitative orientation, and an international perspective are the hallmarks of our work. For additional information, visit www.senzafiliconsulting.com

Monica Paolini, PhD, is the founder and president of Senza Fili. She is an expert in wireless technologies and has helped clients worldwide to understand newtechnologies and customer requirements, create and assess financial TCO and ROI models, evaluate business plan opportunities, market their services and products, and estimate the market size and revenue opportunity of new and established wireless technologies. She frequently gives presentations at conferences, and writes reports, blog entries and articles on wireless technologies and services, covering end-to-end mobile networks, the operator, enterprise and IoT markets. She has a PhD in cognitive science from the University of California, San Diego (US), an MBA from the University of Oxford (UK), and a BA/MA in philosophy from the University of Bologna (Italy).

Connect World

The Connect-World magazines are a forum for the highest-level ICT decision makers, to discuss the impact of ICT upon regional development. The magazines provide ‘Thought-leadership” for ICT decision makers, helping them to understand the trends in the industry. Connect-World publishes editions with different content for Africa and The Middle East, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Global, Latin America and North America.

Our readers and authors are the people who know the ICT sector best: the leaders of industry, governments, international organisations, legal experts, bankers and their advisors. 22,000 copies are delivered to decision-makers of leading international companies, ICT ministries, regulatory agencies, carriers, service providers, satellite companies, cable companies, equipment manufacturers and vendors. Each edition is distributed to a further 114,285 readers digitally.

Connect-World is also a major sponsor of trade shows. www.connect-world.com


ISE (ICT Solutions & Education) brand connects network evolution professionals with innovative solutions and concise education across the rapidly changing ICT landscape. As the lines separating telephone, Internet and television companies continue to blur, ISE in the resource providers have trusted for over 30 years. Visit www.isemag.com for information.

ISE EXPO is the industry-leading trade show for wireless and wireline network evolution. ICT network professionals from around the world attend for live demos, engaging education, commanding keynotes, face-to-face networking and infrastructure solutions. ISE EXPO 2018 will be held August 18 – 20 in Denver, Colorado. Visit www.iseexpo.com for information. 


TELETIME has been part of the telecommunications industry for more than 22 years. It was the first specialized publication to be online, with daily news covering the Brazilian telecom market under the business perspective, focused on a time of transformation, convergence, innovation and entrepreneurship. A publication that seeks, through transparency and care for information, to foster and strengthen the Brazilian telecommunications environment.

Launched in 1998, TELETIME is a respected publication for the technical quality of its reporting, accuracy of information, editorial independence and analytical depth.

TELETIME carries out the daily monitoring of the communications market, including digital services, mobile communications, fixed and mobile broadband, pay TV, media, IT , IOT and enterprise applications, content and, of also traditional services. The main political-regulatory issues, market strategies, competitive dynamics, evolution of technologies and industry trends, commercial strategies in Brazil and in the world are recurrent patterns in our news, 365 days a year. www.teletime.com.br

Interested in becoming a media partner? Please contact Lauren Wood (DSA@proactive-pr.com) for more information.