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Global Summit


November 3-5, 2020

The DSA 2020 Global Summit Goes Virtual!

Due to the prolonged pandemic and in the best interest of interest of DSA guest, member, and staff safety, the Eighth Annual Dynamic Spectrum Alliance 2020 Global Summit will be held virtually. The 2020 Global Summit will still bring together policy makers, regulators, academia, and private sector leaders in spectrum management to discuss and debate spectrum sharing methods and models, from exclusive use licensing to unlicensed spectrum allocations.

The Summit will explore how various spectrum sharing regulatory regimes across a variety of complementary spectrum bands can be coordinated to lower costs and increase the capacity of deployments across the globe and connect the remaining 4 billion to the digital economy.

The Dynamic Spectrum Alliance’s Global Summit is the premier event for policy makers, regulators, and industry personnel on Spectrum Sharing. Sessions will include keynote presentations, regulatory and industry focused panel sessions, and discussion-oriented roundtables lead by Summit sponsors.



DSA 2020 Global Summit Agenda

Tuesday, November 3rd

8:30 AM EST

Introduction and Welcome

8:40 AM EST

Opening Welcome from ANFR/ARCEP

8:50 AM EST

International overview about spectrum management and regulatory challenges for implementing dynamic access

9:10 AM EST

ITU response to the effects faced by the unconnected in a post COVID-19 world

9:30 AM EST

Economic and Social Impact of Unlicensed Access in 6 GHz Band

Description: What is the importance of the 6GHz band for unlicensed access? Which are the trends related to wireless unlicensed devices? What is Wi-Fi6 and why is it so disruptive? This panel will also highlight the regulatory advancements in the 6 GHz band. 

10:30AM EST

Roundtable Discussion Sessions

Description: Spectrum management based topic discussions led by Summit sponsors (Invite only). 

11:15 AM EST

The importance of connectivity for innovation, rural connectivity

Description: Short sessions covering several use cases related to connectivity and dynamic spectrum access. These three would focus on rural connectivity and broadband coverage plans in USA, partnership with rural ISP’s, and connectivity for inclusion.

12:00 PM EST

Closing Remarks

Pre-Recorded Sessions


How to connect the unconnected: Enabling future proof technology solutions for everyone and everything.

Description: Session will focus on technology opportunities to reach rural users and meet capacity needs in more urban areas.


Creating the right environment for investment: Strategic partnerships

Description: Session will focus on forming strategic partnerships to improve investment and ROI.

Wednesday, November 4th

8:30 AM EST

Introduction and Welcome

8:40 AM EST

Keynote Address

9:20 AM EST

How spectrum policy thinking is changing

Description: A top down view of how the changing world and people’s needs have affected the desire for more spectrum, and why so many regulators are changing their approaches to making spectrum available for other purposes, addressing the technical challenges (the ability of databases to manage spectrum allocation),as well as economic and policy concerns (i.e. spectrum is more valuable to the economy when it is readily available than when it is sold off in large chunks). 

9:45 AM EST

Roundtable Discussion Sessions

10:30 AM EST

Worldwide initiatives to deliver more mid-band spectrum through sharing

Description: Dynamic spectrum access is a means to quickly enable more intensive use of spectrum while protecting incumbent services using the spectrum. Protection of incumbents moves the focus to the appropriate and reasonable sharing criteria that permits the efficient use of the airwaves. Some regulators have decided to move beyond zero-sum game discussions on spectrum allocation and have closely worked with the industry with impressive results. This session will give an update from various regulators on how spectrum sharing has given or is giving them an option to make more spectrum available in the mid-band while protecting incumbent services. Why do they feel it is important, what challenges are they facing, and how are they looking to resolve those issues?

11:30 AM EST

One Large Undertaking: How CBRS came to be in the USA

Description: A short history of the CBRS solution, followed by an explanation of how it has changed the way people are looking at spectrum sharing (both from an industry and government perspective). What went right and what could have gone better.

12:00 PM EST

Closing Remarks

Pre-Recorded Sessions


The importance of connectivity for community centers and development

Description: Short sessions covering several social-based topics and use cases related to connectivity and dynamic spectrum access. These three would focus on connectivity for libraries and community centers, women and connectivity and connectivity and broadband coverage actions in France.


Spectrum sharing in the mmWaves, flexible regulations and the infrastructure challenge

Description: What is unique about mmWaves and their importance for connectivity. A perspective about the technology, the most recent solutions but also the limitations of the band and the challenges in terms of regulations to make the band more readily available.

Thursday, November 5th

8:30 AM EST

Introduction and Welcome

8:40 AM EST

Keynote Addresses

9:00 AM EST

Repurposing Spectrum while Protecting Incumbents through Coalition Building with Industry

Description: Session to focus on engagement and relationship building between government and industry to establish good working relationships, adopt incumbent protection regulations and foster smooth transitions.

10:15 AM EST 

Roundtable Discussion Sessions

11:00 AM EST

How Corporate Social Responsibility is Promoting a Connected World

Description: What effect has corporate responsibility had on promoting a more connect world? Why is it important that corporations promote such goals and how do they justify it?  Does greater access lead to greater prosperity, and should companies like Microsoft really care about addressing hurdles to rural connectivity or should they leave it to the regulators?

11:20 AM EST

Looking ahead to WRC-23: What’s on the agenda for spectrum policy?

Description: A discussion about WRC-23, how are the different regional groups working to prepare the next conference? Which key factors/challenges will need to be overcome to make spectrum sharing a reality in the different regions? Which are the main initiatives/projects that regional leaders are leading and how innovation in spectrum management could support them?

12:30 PM EST

Closing Remarks

Pre-Recorded Session


TV Whitespaces – Opportunities and Challenges to Scaling

Description: TVWS regulations and adoption have been significantly increasing over the last 2 years. What are the leading existing projects today? What are the lessons in terms of creating an ecosystem to accomplish broadband connectivity in isolated areas? What are the next steps so TVWS will have the same extent than Wi-Fi or other wireless technologies have? What are the new use cases targeted with this technology?


The DSA awards recognizes member companies, organizations, individuals, and regulators who have actively participated in furthering innovation, increasing inclusion, and pursuing new opportunities in dynamic spectrum access over the past year. Awards will be presented on November 4, 2020 during the DSA Global Summit.

DSA Award Categories

Award for Innovation in Dynamic Spectrum Access Policies

This award recognizes one policy-maker or regulator who has demonstrated outstanding leadership in adopting and implementing policies making more spectrum available on an opportunistic basis.

Qualifications: Applicable nominees will demonstrate a clear conviction of improving the well-being of its citizens in areas such as e-healthcare, education, agriculture, smart city implementation, or rural connectivity, and have initiated the process sometime in the past 20 months.

Last Year’s Award Winner: Federal Communication Commission

Award for Internet of Things Innovation

This award recognizes an organization or individual who has made significant contributions developing and/or deploying dynamic spectrum access technologies in support of emerging Internet of Things use cases; for example spanning connected cars, health care, education, agriculture, supply chain management, and/or public safety.

Qualifications: Applicable Nominees will have demonstrated remarkable innovation in new or improved use cases for the benefit of society or digital community through the use of shared spectrum.

Last Year’s Award Winner: Universidad Don Bosco, El Salvador

Award for Increasing Digital Inclusion

This award recognizes an organization or individual who has successfully developed and/or deployed a spectrum-based technology and/or business model that has the potential to reduce the cost of internet access and get billions more people online.

Qualifications: Applicable Nominees will be based on those who have showed a remarkable fierce drive to connect those once thought to be too high a burden to connect in 2019.

Last Year’s Award Winner: Scot Gardner, Cisco UK & Ireland

Award for a Student-Led Initiative or Research on New Opportunities for Dynamic Spectrum Access

The award recognizes a student, student led initiatives, or student groups who have made significant academic and research contributions in the area of dynamic spectrum access

Qualifications: Applicable Nominees will be students, student led initiatives, or student groups who have encouraged development of, or developed themselves technology, research, or programs that exemplify the potential of Dynamic Spectrum Technologies and their ability to connect people. 

Last Year’s Award Winner: Mariya Zheleva, University at Albany, Department of Computer Science

Last Year’s Award Winner: Universidad de las Fuerzas Armadas ESPE, Ecuador

Interested in submitting a nominee for the 2020 DSA Awards? Entries Now Open!
Complete the award nominee application here, and submit it to DSA Administration (admin@dynamicspectrumalliance.org) by no later than October 7, 2020

Nominee applications will be reviewed and approved by the DSA Board of Directors, and winners announced during the DSA 2020 Global Summit





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