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Tuning in Spectrum’s White Space

The last decade witnessed tremendous innovations in dynamic spectrum access (DSA), an approach to letting secondary users access the spectrum holes called “white spaces” in licensed spectrum bands. More work still needs to be done.

People in the field have developed techniques to determine if a frequency band is occupied by a primary user and built radios, protocols, and cloud infrastructure that…

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Carlson Returns to Super Wi-Fi Summit

Carlson Wireless Technologies

In two short weeks, Carlson Wireless will be attending and speaking at the Super Wi-Fi Summit at The Rio in Las Vegas. Carlson has attended this show before, but we wanted to give you 5 things you can expect from us at this year’s event.

This event attracts key players in the industry including regulators, tech executives, social influencers, and analysts, all for the common goal of discussing Spectrum Sharing and TV White Space in a global marketplace. The goals? To discover how…

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Welcome Murata!

MuRata - Innovator in Electronics

Murata, a global leader in the design, manufacture and supply of electronic components and solutions is the latest member to join theDynamic Spectrum Alliance. Murata joins a host of international companies, such as MediaTek, NICT, Google, Microsoft and Facebook, as the Alliance works to promote regulatory policies which will pave the way for innovative new wireless technologies, addressing growing wireless data challenges and bridging the digital divide.

Reducing the cost of bandwidth and expanding the reach of wireless networks – enabling applications as diverse as high-speed broadband access to machine-to-machine communications – is essential to global economic development. The exponential growth in data both requires…

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Spotlight on Asia

In less than 12 months, we’ve worked to expand opportunities for dynamic spectrum access technologies and techniques, helping policy makers and regulators to realize other options to close the digital divide, innovate by enabling machine to machine type communications, and more generally, optimizing spectrum efficiency via spectrum sharing. The key highlight from the last quarter was…

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