DSA Global Summit 2021, 8th – 10th June

You are invited to the ninth annual DSA Global Summit 2021

Shining a light on spectrum sharing success

The 2021 Dynamic Spectrum Alliance (DSA) Global Summit will shine a light on key spectrum sharing successes over the last year and look forward to the future of dynamic spectrum sharing.

The DSA will welcome ITU’s Mario Maniewicz and ANATEL’s Leonardo Euler alongside speakers from the Communications, and Information Technology Commission (CITC) in Saudi Arabia, the Communications Authority of Kenya Adaptive Spectrum and Signal Alignment (ASSIA) among many government and industry leaders at the virtual Global Summit 2021, 8th – 10th June.

The Summit will reflect on spectrum sharing successes around the world with a particular focus on regional developments and inter-regional exchanges. The triumphs of spectrum sharing throughout 2020-2021 will guide discussions to focus on current use-cases and look ahead to future progress. This will offer policymakers, industry experts and spectrum sharing advocates the opportunity to collaborate and address the challenges of soaring broadband demands and the work still needed to bridge the digital divide.  

“To maintain momentum made in this last year regarding dynamic spectrum access, the DSA encourages the industry and government officials from around the world to come together and continue to endorse the use of spectrum sharing approaches. In 2021 alone we have seen significant progress in countries like Brazil, Canada and Saudi Arabia, but the work is far from finished,” said Martha Suarez, DSA President. “Following the success of our first ever virtual summit in 2020, which saw a record number of attendees, I am excited to announce the DSA 2021 Virtual Global Summit. By taking place online, the summit will be accessible and safe for all, despite the ongoing pandemic.”  

President of the DSA

Martha Suarez


Welcoming worldwide spectrum experts

Jessica Rosenworcel
Acting Chairwoman


Mario Maniewicz Director


Javier Juárez Mojica Commissioner


Mr. John Omo
Secretary-General African


Dr. Ir. Ismail
Director General of Frequency
Spectrum Management and IT
Equipment Standards


Shalini Periyalwar
Expert Director, Advanced
Communications Engineering


Leonardo Euler de Morais


The DSA Global Summit welcomes regulators, policymakers and industry stakeholders from around the world to deliberate spectrum sharing methods and models that will empower next-generation technologies and close the digital divide.

Some more speakers include:

  • Michael O’Rielly, Former Commissioner, FCC
  • Ms. Yolisa Kedama, Councillor, Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA), South Africa
  • Mary Brown, Senior Director, Technology and Spectrum Policy
  • John M Cioffi, CEO and Chairman of the Board, Adaptive Spectrum and Signal Alignment, Incorporated (ASSIA)
  • Mohammed Alotaibi, Deputy Governor, Radio Spectrum, Communications, and Information Technology Commission (CITC) Saudi Arabia
  • Mr. Tom Olwero, Director of Frequency Spectrum Management Communications Authority of Kenya (CA), Nairobi, Kenya
  • Glenn Fallas, Director, Quality of Service and Spectrum Department, Superintendencia de Telecomunicaciones (SUTEL) Costa Rica.
  • Michael Calabrese, Director, Future Wireless Project, New America’s Open Technology Institute Chuck Lukaszewski, Vice President & Chief Wireless Technologist, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
  • Andrew Clegg, Spectrum Engineering Lead, Google
  • Raúl Katz, Consulting Executive, Telecom Advisory Services (TAS)
  • Dave Wright, President, OnGo Alliance; Head of Spectrum Policy & Standards, CommScope
  • Tariq Al Awadhi - Chairman, Arab Spectrum Management Group (ASMG) - Executive Director Spectrum Management Affairs, Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA)
  • Pavel Sistek, Head of Policy and Strategy Unit, Czech Telecommunication Office

Don’t miss out on the discussion

  • The transformation potential and the economic benefit of spectrum sharing frameworks, like Wi-Fi 6E in different countries or CBRS in the U.S.
  • Success stories for connectivity in various spectrum bands across continents
  • Updates on the adoption of dynamic spectrum access technologies
  • An emphasis on the continued need for inclusion and the opportunities of unlicensed access worldwide.

To see the full agenda, please go to the DSA website here.


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