Dynamic Spectrum Alliance Q4 2020 Newsletter

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Introduction from Martha Suárez

As we enter a brand new year, I would like to reflect upon some of the positive outcomes of 2020, and the great progress that has been made despite the pandemic. I would like to begin by thanking DSA members, global regulators and industry delegates who have driven the spectrum sharing movement over the past twelve months. Together, we have pushed through the unprecedented surges of demand to ensure improved service in high-traffic and remote areas, supporting the continuation of normalcy for millions through connectivity. From this experience, we hope to ensure the future innovation of remote working, education, medicine and emergency communications to ensure that no community is left unserved or at risk.

Progress towards this mission was met at our very own Global Summit, which saw a record attendance of over 500 registrants and 160 worldwide representatives from government and academic institutions come together. There, we discussed a wide range of spectrum innovations, from TV White Space (TVWS), Citizens Broadband Radio Services (CBRS) and Wi-Fi 6 to 3D spectrum management in mmWaves. Thank you to all the speakers who contributed to the important discussions and congratulations to this year’s DSA Award winners for their achievements worldwide in accelerating spectrum sharing. With many highlights to recall, a full recap of the event can be read on our blog. If you missed it, all Global Summit live and pre-recorded sessions are now available on-demand via our YouTube channel.

Preceding record-breaking attendance at the Global Summit in November, this year also saw many new records being set for spectrum sharing worldwide and the DSA. Back in April, the FCC approved the unlicensed use of the 6GHz band and ever since then the DSA has actively encouraged other countries to follow in its footsteps to supercharge connectivity worldwide and meet end-user demands with Wi-Fi 6E. The DSA also submitted the most regulation filings worldwide to encourage the use of a variety of bands and spectrum sharing technologies too.

Since it was a significant year for the adoption of the 6GHz band, the DSA worked with Telecom Advisory Services LLC to assess the economic value of unlicensed use of the 6 GHz band in Brazil. We also worked with Access Partnership to explore the role of Wi-Fi in Brazil as the key technology in meeting the increase in online activity due to restrictions imposed by COVID-19. Finally, we and Policy Impact Partners outlined how to achieve the full potential of 6 GHz spectrum in ITU Region 1: Europe, the Middle East and Africa. All of these studies are now available in full on our website.

Despite all the challenges that everyone faced last year, I am incredibly proud of the progress that has been made to accelerate spectrum sharing worldwide. The high number of attendances at the DSA Global Summit 2020 demonstrated the industry’s commitment to collaborating to ensure the benefits of connectivity can be felt by everyone worldwide during difficult times. I’d like to thank the whole team who made the virtual event happen for making this possible.

I’d also like to thank all the organisations who invited me to attend many webinars and workshops to further the discussion around dynamic sharing initiatives in various regions worldwide.

We are all entering a New Year with hope for a better future and given this year’s momentum we have no doubt that will be the case. Thank you to all DSA members and supporters for their continued efforts in making this a reality.

I would like to wish everyone and their families health and happiness for the coming year.

President of the DSA

Martha Suarez


DSA 2020 Global Summit

We would like to thank all sponsors, media partners, speakers and attendees for supporting our 8th annual Global Summit last month. Stay tuned for news on next year’s Summit!

Session recordings are now available on demand! Please visit our YouTube Channel to recap the event.


Media Partners


Upcoming events

IoT Tech Expo Global 2021
17th March 2021
Olympia, London
The events in the IoT Tech Expo will bring together key industries from across the globe for two days of top-level content and discussion across 5 co-located events covering IoT, 5G, cyber security, cloud, blockchain, AI and big data. This is the event to explore the future of enterprise technology.

5G Expo Global 2021
17th March 2021
Olympia, London
The 5G Expo events bring together key industries from across the globe for 2 days of thought leadership content, key discussions and real-life case studies. Key topics examined include 5G Infrastructure & the Core Network, Edge Computing, 5G Capabilities and much more.

5G Mena 2021
22nd and 24th March 2021
Digital Symposium
In 2021, the 5G Mena agenda includes discussions surrounding consumer 5G: the impact of iPhone 12, FWA and beyond, the enterprise opportunity and private networks in the Middle East, applying AI automation across the entire lifecycle of network operations and much more.

International Telecoms Week 2021
1st June 2021
Washington D.C., US
ITW has been at the forefront of keeping the world connected since 2000. It is an essential annual meeting for the global ICT infrastructure industry, bringing carrier, data centre, software, hardware, internet application, and investment communities together.

ConnecTech Asia 2021
9th June 2021
After a successful virtual event this year consisting of three days of insightful conference sessions and exhibitions on the latest solutions and trends empowering the digital economy, Connetech Asia are looking forward to welcoming visitors face-to-face again next year.



Explore our latest blogs to discover the DSA’s recent work, partnerships and successes! Read them here:


TVWS Workshop
8th September

2020 Find out more about our virtual TVWS Workshop covering the global impact of TV White Space (TVWS) frameworks on society and the wider technological ecosystem – sponsored by Microsoft.

CBRS: A Spectrum Sharing Success
29th September 2020

Read about the authorization of the commercial deployment of the Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) this year; a prevalent milestone for spectrum sharing in the USA.

DSA Global Summit 2020
26th October 2020

The decision to move our 8th annual global summit online this year meant we could bring you dynamic innovation, collaboration, debate and much more from the comfort of your own home. You can read this blog ahead of watching our sessions on demand to get a feel of this year’s virtual summit.

DSA Thanks Maniewicz for Presentation
12th November 2020

The DSA would like to thank Mr. Mario Maniewicz, Director of the Radiocommunication Bureau at the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), for taking the stage and opening the Global Summit. Read more about his address, outlining the ITU’s response to the effects faced by the unconnected in a post COVID-19 world, and technologies that are best suited for providing connectivity during these difficult times.

Dynamic Spectrum in Aerospace Networks
24th November 2020

In September, we hosted our second DSA Webinar, this time on Dynamic Spectrum in Aerospace Networks. Sponsored by Loon, we were honoured to welcome their representatives, Jameson Dempsey and Wesley Eddy, to share their expert insight into the importance of spectrum sharing for the success and expansion of their initiative. You can also watch the webinar recording on demand via Dynamic Spectrum Alliance’s YouTube channel.

Global Summit 2020: A record-breaking recap
22nd December 2020

Last month, we hosted our eighth annual DSA Global Summit, which saw a record attendance of over 500 registrants. Being the first virtual Global Summit in history, we were delighted to welcome over 160 representatives from government and academic institutions. Representing various regions worldwide, it was great to come together to drive spectrum sharing forward alongside many non-profit and profit organisations. Thank you to everyone who attended to share their insights and progress the future of dynamic spectrum sharing.


DSA President, Martha Suarez has been busy this quarter attending a plethora of events and workshops, alongside other industry specialists to advocate effective spectrum utilization. Here are just some examples of events Martha has attended this quarter:

ITU-R and CITIC of Saudi Arabia: “Radio Spectrum for IMT-2020 and beyond: Fostering Commercial and Innovative Use”
8th – 10th December 2020

This event discussed a holistic vision that outlines the potential for radio spectrum to transform the world into a digital society, through enabling different industries and acting on current spectrum demand, while also proactively anticipating future needs.

Facebook: Innovative Connectivity Initiatives
20th November 2020

Martha met with members of the LatAm Facebook team to discuss innovative initiatives for connectivity and unlicensed access to 6GHz to improve connectivity in Argentina. This event was hosted by COPITEC.

Global Spectrum Series’ 7th Latin America Spectrum Management Conference
12th and 13th November 2020

Catch up on the conference, discussing the changing shape on the UHF ecosystem on Youtube, here: https://bit.ly/35XWAHm. DSA President, Martha Suarez also spoke on the Intel panel regarding the role of Wi-Fi in delivering next generation connectivity which you can catch up with here: https://bit.ly/33cQiBW

Telesemana 5G&TD 2020 Latam Summit
11th November 2020

Find Martha’s contribution on the topic of powering 5G with the unlicensed access to the 6GHz band on demand here: https://bit.ly/2KCP7Fq

X Congreso Internacional de Espectro
9th November2020

Martha spoke alongside industry leaders at the panel titled ‘6GHz promoting new approaches in a post-COVID era’ organized by ANE Colombia.


DSA in the News

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Pipeline, 5th November 2020

Dynamic Spectrum Alliance to Host Global Summit with Industry Leaders
Adryenn, 5th November 2020

Wireless Industry Warns of Urgent Need for More Wifi Spectrum
Computer Weekly,16th November 2020

Wi-Fi Urgently Needs More Spectrum According to the DSA and PIP in Latest Research Paper
Pipeline, 16th November 2020

6 GHz Unlicensed Access to Add $163.5 Billion to Brazil Economy, Reveals Dynamic Spectrum Alliance
Aithority, 25th November 2020

Demanda por Wi-Fi é a que mais cresce e exige toda a faixa de 6 GHz
Convergencia Digital, 4th November 2020


Regulatory Affairs Work Group (RAWG) Update

As a cross-industry organization, the Dynamic Spectrum Alliance works to engage with regulators and government officials to promote the adoption of legal and regulatory frameworks that facilitate dynamic access to radio spectrum.

The Regulatory Affairs Work Group continues to develop policy positions for ratification by the Dynamic Spectrum Alliance, draft documents for submission to regulatory agencies and develop high-level positions on critical issues related to dynamic spectrum sharing.

Recent filings include:

Any Dynamic Spectrum Alliance member can participate in the Regulatory Affairs Work Group, so if you are interested in this area then please contact admin@dynamicspectrumalliance.org.


Member/Partner Updates

In this section, we share updates and news from DSA members around the world, if you have an update that you’d like to be included in the next newsletter, please email dsa@proactive-pr.com.

New America’s Open Technology Institute Highlights Innovative School District Solutions to the Remote Learning Gap and Needed E-Rate Reform in New Report

On November 17, New America’s Open Technology Institute and its Wireless Future Project published a report detailing the impact of the remote learning gap on K-12 education and profiling a variety of innovative strategies by school districts to connect students without internet access at home. The coronavirus pandemic has revealed deep inequities that have left millions of students in the United States without the broadband access they need for remote learning. READ MORE

Federated Wireless: US Ignite Begins Deployment of Dedicated CBRS Network for IoT Research at Fort Carson

US Ignite has finalized plans and will shortly begin construction on a dedicated 4G/5G network for IoT research at Fort Carson, Colorado, a United States Army installation. The network is part of the Fort Carson Smart Transportation Testbed, a $4 million project run by US Ignite, with funding and management from the U.S. READ MORE

Federated Wireless: DOD Announces $600 Million for 5G Experimentation and Testing at Five Installations

The Department of Defense announced $600 million in awards for 5G experimentation and testing at five U.S. military test sites, representing the largest full-scale 5G tests for dual-use applications in the world. Federated Wireless is an industry partner at the Marine Corps Logistics Base (MCLB) in Albany, Georgia. READ MORE

Federated Wireless: With 100,000 CBRS access points already, spectrum sharing is eyed for other bands

If the world were a Utopia, all spectrum would be available under a sharing scheme so that none of it ever had to lay fallow and wasted… Federated Wireless has built a prototype Automatic Frequency Controller (AFC) and shared it with the FCC for its review. The AFC would be used to protect incumbents while allowing for new users in the spectrum. READ MORE

Broadcom’s BCM4389 was just approved by the FCC as the world’s first WiFi6E chip for import & market in the U.S.

The BCM4389 is a tri-band, 160 MHz enabled client device chip capable of delivering over 2 Gbps to the palm of your hands. READ MORE

The Aruba-Celona CBRS Partnership: A Technology View

Aruba is joining forces with Celona to bring CBRS private mobile networks to the enterprise – validating that cellular technology is now ready for widespread enterprise use. Celona is an exciting startup, founded by former Aruba and Qualcomm veterans, that has built the first Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) solution designed from the ground up to integrate seamlessly into enterprise networks. READ MORE

Microsoft: Minister Michelena inaugurates a project that will provide internet to educational units with difficult access

This new proposal carried out by Mintel, with the support of the Ministry of Education, CNT and Microsoft, uses the technology "TV White Spaces (TVWS)" or Television Blank Spaces, which consists of the transmission of the internet to remote sites and difficult to access, by occupying the UHF frequency bands. READ MORE


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