Dynamic Spectrum Alliance Q3 2020 Newsletter

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Introduction from Martha Suárez

Health, safety and wellbeing has been a top priority for many of us this year. We are focused on looking after each other and supporting one another to succeed during difficult times. Many people I have spoken to in the industry care very much about continuing to progress dynamic spectrum access as connectivity has played a critical role in keeping people informed, safe and working during this year.

We made the decision to host our Eighth Annual Dynamic Spectrum Alliance Global Summit as a virtual event this coming November 3-5, 2020. I am proud that we are able to host a platform for leading industry collaboration and discussion to take place from every corner of the world to support the progression of dynamic spectrum access ideas and methods, despite the current challenges we face.

This year has demonstrated great momentum for wider dynamic spectrum access. We have celebrated both the US and the UK in approving the unlicensed use of the 6 GHz band. This marks a significant milestone in supporting next-generation Wi-Fi and wireless innovation, as well as the growing demand for capacity.

Alongside this achievement, we have engaged with regulators and spectrum authorities worldwide in industry discussions during virtual events, webinars and podcasts. We hosted our first DSA webinar, sponsored by Microsoft, which facilitated a TVWS Workshop and gathered two panels of experts who shared valuable insights and highlighted the importance of the TVWS ecosystem. In September, we hosted our second DSA Webinar sponsored by Loon, about Dynamic Spectrum in Aerospace Networks. Thank you to everyone who joined.

There has been no slowing down as for progression and advocacy this year. Having submitted more than 20 filings in the past few months, it is important that we continue to drive further action so further dynamic spectrum access can serve the billions of unconnected individuals in the world. We must discuss, share and collaborate now to support the digital economies across countries worldwide.

I hope you will join us at our virtual DSA Global Summit this November as it continues to serve as a key industry event to facilitate this important discussion. There will be sessions to directly address how recent events have changed the outlook for dynamic sharing regulatory models and new technologies and solutions will be discussed which overcome the current challenges present in today’s world.

I look forward to speaking to you soon and wish everyone health and happiness in the meantime. Stay safe!

President of the DSA

Martha Suarez


DSA 2020 Global Summit

Given the recent impact and ongoing uncertainty that COVID-19 is having on the world, the DSA has agreed, in the best interest of the Alliance and Summit attendees, to move the 2020 Summit online. The virtual event will be hosted from November 3-5, 2020 – we look forward to welcoming everyone!

To find out more about the upcoming event, please visit our website.


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Upcoming events

Telco Transformation LATAM
10 November 2020
Virtual Event
5G&TD2020 aims to resume in 20+ presentations the most relevant and critical issues around 5G and the journey to a truly digital world, offering unique content assets for telecom professionals in Latin America.



The DSA is proud to present its first two sponsored webinars with Microsoft and Loon, available on demand now! Watch the recorded webinars here:


TVWS Workshop: Latest Advances on Regulatory Frameworks, Ecosystem, Commercial Deployment Status and Social Impact
Sponsored by Microsoft

Dynamic Spectrum in Aerospace Networks
Sponsored by Loon

To explore other webinars that the DSA has participated in, listen to the following on demand:

Telesemana: Tecnologías para compartir el espectro y su impacto en la conectividad mundial
17 March 2020

Senza Fili Sparring Partners: Spectrum Sharing: Beyond Licensed and Unlicensed
26 March 2020

CITEL Round Tables
2 April – 15 July 2020

University of Chile: Espacios en Blanco en Chile
16 April 2020

COPITEC: Espacios en Blanco en Argentina
17 April 2020

Policy Tracker: National Approaches to Spectrum Sharing
17 June 2020

Internet Society: African Internet Resilience: Shared Spectrum Strategies to Increase Affordable Access in Rural Areas
26 June 2020

Policy Tracker: The 6 GHz Debate
15 July 2020

SAMENA Council Leaders’ Summit
9 July 2020

CITEL Forum ICT Policies/Regulation in the post COVID-19 and CITEL Recommendations​​
15 July 2020

European Spectrum Conference
23-29 June 2020


DSA in the News

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Regulatory Affairs Work Group (RAWG) Update

As a cross-industry organization, the Dynamic Spectrum Alliance works to engage with regulators and government officials to promote the adoption of legal and regulatory frameworks that facilitate dynamic access to radio spectrum.

The Regulatory Affairs Work Group continues to develop policy positions for ratification by the Dynamic Spectrum Alliance, draft documents for submission to regulatory agencies and develop high-level positions on critical issues related to dynamic spectrum sharing.

Recent filings include:

Any Dynamic Spectrum Alliance member can participate in the Regulatory Affairs Work Group, so if you are interested in this area then please contact admin@dynamicspectrumalliance.org.


Member/Partner Updates

In this section, we share updates and news from DSA members around the world, if you have an update that you’d like to be included in the next newsletter, please email dsa@proactive-pr.com.

Earlier this year, Facebook conducted several studies into the impact of its connectivity investments and initiatives in sub-Saharan Africa and ASEAN, as well as Latin America. Within these, the challenges faced by local business and citizens due to connectivity gaps and the readiness of the digital ecosystem were addressed, promoting internet connectivity programs to make connectivity more affordable and accessible.

Facebook and the Economist Intelligence Unit also released their 4th annual Inclusive Internet Index (3i). In a blog, Robert Pepper found that household connectivity in lower-middle income countries grew nearly 12% in the past year and has grown by 65% since 2014, improving career prospects for thousands. This, in part, is thanks to mobile network operators who have established more viable business models to improve accessibility to connectivity. However, there is huge gender gap in these statistics, with men 13% more likely than women to gain internet access. While closing, this gap still urgently needs to be addressed to achieve full inclusivity and enrichment of the digital economy. Facebook is working with partners around the world to achieve this, bringing fast, reliable internet to those 3.5 billion without it. Its investments will deliver economic benefits of over $200 billion USD over the next five years, creating hundreds of thousands of new jobs regionally.

Federated Wireless recently announced that it has secured $13.7 million in additional Series C funding from existing investors Allied Minds (LSE: ALM) and Pennant Investors. This funding will accelerate expansion and adoption of the company’s partnership with Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure to offer Connectivity-as-a-Service, announced in February. It will also provide a new path to 1,000 MHz of spectrum for private wireless networks by expansion into the 6 GHz band for 5G services.

The Federated Wireless private wireless offering Connectivity-as-a-Service (CaaS) enables enterprises to order the business connectivity services they need, with a single click from AWS or Azure, with Federated Wireless delivering and managing the network. A broad range of solutions and partners enables choice with proven reliability. It offers cloud scalability with visibility into network performance and usage so IT management can set granular network policies while maintaining secure control of their networks and data. It does so at a low cost with the high-performance and reliability of 4G/5G technology delivered at enterprise Wi-Fi costs.

Building on its leadership in managing 150 MHz of CBRS shared spectrum, the Federated Wireless CaaS offering will expand to provide a path to 1,000 MHz of shared spectrum, taking advantage of both Wi-Fi 6 and 5G in the 6 GHz band to enable data transfers of up to 10 Gbps. Read the full press release here.

RADWIN has recently announced that Onatel – the leading service provider in Burkina Faso – chose RADWIN’s JET DUO base station which supports both the 5.xGHz and 3.5GHz bands in a single enclosure. With RADWIN’s JET DUO, Onatel can fulfill the high-speed requirements of SMEs and large corporate customers, amongst them banks, mining companies and government offices. Onatel recently received an Innovation award from the Burkina Faso government for their RADWIN-powered network.

To date, Onatel has deployed more than 70 JET DUO dual band radios and hundreds of subscriber units and has plans to scale its network. RADWIN’s partner CFAO oversaw project design and deployment. Read the full press release here.

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