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Keeping you updated about our activities! Here we highlight our latest work and focus on areas where we are empowering the next wave of spectrum access.
Happy New Year! As an Alliance, we have kicked off 2018 by attending industry-leading events across the globe, giving presentations and speaking on panels, as we continue to lobby for the fair, efficient, and effective management of spectrum.
On January 23, I spoke at PTC in Hawaii, during a session titled ‘Getting to 5G: Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue’ and joined 7,000+ members and industry attendees to share and explore the critical transformational shifts of the future. Then, later in the month I attended Nominet’s Vibrant Digital Future in London and spoke on the panel ‘Cut to The Chase – What New Tech is Actually Important?’ focusing on the role of technology over the next 10 years for C-level and high-level government types. In addition, the DTG Spectrum Access Forum concluded my trip to London.
In February, I participated in the European 5G Conference in Brussels. The session was titled ‘Assignment and licencing for 5G spectrum’ and was a great opportunity to discuss assigning and licensing of the 5G network, including investment certainty and flexibility. I shared the DSA vision of a balanced approach to spectrum licensing between licensed, license-exempt, and lightly licensed, with industry experts, European and US regulators. I also discussed the importance of such licensing approaches for the deployment of 5G or “Next Generation” networks, and that regulators must ensure investment opportunities for Wi-Fi and neutral-host deployments.
March was a busy month for the DSA, with IWCE, Convergence India and Satellite 2018 all taking place in the first half of the month. At the beginning of March, DSA member Peter Flynn represented the DSA at IWCE in Orlando, Florida and took part in a panel tiled ‘Spectrum & Signal Optimization Track: Understanding 5G’.
Overall, it has been a successful start to 2018. Firstly, we encouraged the FCC to re-evaluate the changes to the CBRS band rules it proposed through its NPRM, as the proposed changes would harm the significant effort and investment that has been made by the industry and government over the last few years, which we are now at the cusp of seeing the results from. The DSA also responded to the ISED proceeding in Canada regarding wireless microphones. The DSA urged the Canadian regulator to ensure that sufficient spectrum was available in all markets throughout Canada so that the TV White Space ecosystem can provide broadband connectivity to those that are still unconnected.
As we look forward to the rest of the year, we are focusing on the 6th Annual Global Summit, which will be held in London from May 1-3, 2018. I would like to thank all members for your support throughout the year, and I look forward to continuing the great work we are doing as an Alliance. None of the work we do would be possible without the ongoing efforts, support, and commitment from you.

Kalpak Gude
DSA President

DSA Activity Update

DSA Global Summit 2018
Last year we announced that the 6th Annual Global Summit will be held in London, United Kingdom and we have now released the preliminary agenda and speakers list for the Summit (May 1-3, 2018). Held in Europe for the first time since its inception, the Summit will explore a range of topics from universal affordable connectivity to 6GHz for broadband services, and millimetre wave bands. You can read more in our latest press release here.
The Global Summit agenda will explore how various spectrum sharing regulatory regimes across a variety of complementary spectrum bands can be coordinated to lower the cost of broadband to allow 5G and Internet of Things deployments across the globe and connect the remaining 4 billion to the digital economy.
Mr. Jonas Wessel
Director Spectrum Department; Chairperson, Swedish Post and Telecom Authority (PTS); Radio Spectrum Policy Group
Mr. Andreas Geiss
Head of Unit, Radio Spectrum Policy, European Commission
Mr. Mario Mankiewicz
Deputy Director, Radiocommunication Bureau, ITU
Dr. Preston Marshall
Principle Wireless Architecture, Google

Mr. Philip Marnick
Group Director, Spectrum, Ofcom

View the full agenda for additional sessions focused around innovative ways to close the digital divide and enable the Internet of Things.

Policy/Regulation Update

Regulatory Affairs Work Group (RAWG) update
As a cross-industry organization, the Dynamic Spectrum Alliance works to engage with regulators and government officials to promote the adoption of legal and regulatory frameworks that facilitate dynamic access to radio spectrum.
The Regulatory Affairs Work Group continues to develop policy positions for ratification by the Dynamic Spectrum Alliance, draft documents for submission to regulatory agencies and develops high-level positions on critical issues related to dynamic spectrum sharing.
Recent updates include:
December 2017: DSA Comments on FCC NPRM on CBRS (3.5GHz band)
January 2018: DSA Reply Comments on FCC NPRM on CBRS (3.5GHz band)
January 2018: DSA Comments to FCC on 3.5Ghz Band
February 2018: DSA Comments on Consultation on OfCom’s Proposed Annual Plan 2018/19
February 2018: DSA Response to ISED Consultation on the Spectrum Outlook 2018 to 2022
February 2018: DSA Reply Comments to CBRS NPRM
March 2018: DSA Reply Comments to ISED Wireless Microphone Consultation
Any Dynamic Spectrum Alliance member can participate in the Regulatory Affairs Work Group, so if you are interested in this area, then please contact admin@dynamicspectrumalliance.org.

Industry Updates

Industry Award Wins for Whizpace!

Whizpace Pte Ltd, a spin-off from our Singapore-based member, Institute for Infocomm Research, was recently named in the Top 50 Most Promising Enterprise Startups 2017 by APAC CIO Outlook. It also beat larger companies such as Cisco to be one of the winners of a global competition called Smart City Innovation Challenge, as well as beating SigFox in the Top 3 Enterprise in What’s Next Competition during the recent Singapore Airshow. Whizpace has a strong portfolio of TV White Space (TVWS) products covering high data rate, long range to low power, stamp size modules for addressing various wireless communication needs. Whizpace’s TVWS solutions have been adopted for applications such as smart farming, smart energy, Industry 4.0 and smart campus, etc.

Member/Partner Updates

In this section, we share updates and news from DSA members around the world, if you have an update that you’d like to be included in the next newsletter, please email dsa@proactive-pr.com.

In late 2017, Hurricanes Maria and Irma left many islands of the Caribbean, including Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands, devastated and with minimal surviving infrastructure including power and communications. As part of the still on-going relief effort, TV White Space is providing valuable internet access for local people and those involved in the relief effort. Working with Microsoft and NetHope, an NGO that specializes in improving IT connectivity among humanitarian organizations in areas affected by disaster, Adaptrum TVWS radios were deployed across both islands to assist in the relief and recovery effort. Given the lack of reliable power across the islands, Adaptrum radios were set up using solar power. As a result, TVWS brought connectivity to disconnected communities, schools, libraries, and clinics across the affect area. These sites also serve as internet hotspots where people in the community can come and connect with their family and friends.

Adaptrum Engineering Manager, John Vetter, installing a TVWS radio in Puerto Rico


Under its Airband Initiative, Microsoft is partnering with local entrepreneurs around the world to bridge the digital divide and help unserved communities get better access to technology. One such partnership is with Brightwave, a South African broadband provider, and the Universal Service and Access Agency of South Africa.

Using a hybrid network deployment that combines fiber, microwave, and Wi-Fi technology, this private-public partnership has enabled Brightwave to deploy broadband access to more than 213,00 students at 609 primary and secondary schools, healthcare clinics, and government offices in the O.R. Tambo District of the Eastern Cape of South Africa. Brightwave’s innovative solution won the Best Wireless Deployment in Rural or Remote Areas Award at the Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA) Wireless Global Congress event in New York City. You can read more in the related case study.

Another recently-announced Airband Initiative partnership is with Packerland Broadband, which will provide broadband internet access to approximately 82,000 people living in rural regions of Northeastern Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. This partnership includes Microsoft’s TechSpark and Philanthropies programs, which are aimed at fostering greater economic opportunity and job creation within rural America – with a focus on digital skills. Currently 43 percent of people living in rural Wisconsin and 34 percent of people living in rural Michigan lack access to broadband and the economic and educational opportunities it enables. Over the next four years, Packerland will use a mix of technologies, including those leveraging the TV white spaces, to provide broadband to its rural customers. You can read more in the Packerland Broadband and Microsoft announcement.

Lastly, on February 12, the Microsoft Airband Initiative team hosted an ISP partner summit in Washington, D.C. The event included 100 participants, encompassing 35 rural providers, TVWS hardware manufacturers, database partners, industry experts, as well as notable speakers engaged in spectrum advocacy, infrastructure funding, and big data.  The event concluded with successful meetings at the FCC, including with FCC Chairman Pai, other Commissioners and their staff.

UNH Broadband Center of Excellence

The University of New Hampshire’s Broadband Center of Excellence (BCoE) looks out over the horizon at an interesting new revolutionary technology called Super-PON, and wonders what might happen if technology, business models and regulatory policy intersect to enable a perfect storm. Posted in the BCoE February 2018 newsletter, the think tank explains that Super-PON can greatly benefit “greenfield” overlay networks because it more than doubles the reach of existing passive optical networks, and greatly increases the number of end points that may be served. It could enable streaming content providers, such as Amazon and  Google, to establish their own “greenfield” infrastructures. When linked to new business and application models to foster secure and intelligent ways for customers to link in to new networks, and more of the regulatory approach moves toward enabling more competition, who knows what might happen?
BCoE also sees signs of large companies moving toward solving some societal issues for their own employees, like JPMorgan, Berkshire Hathaway and Amazon in health care.
The newsletter posits these potential tectonic shifts as “What Ifs”, but lately we have seen other out of the ordinary things happen.

Please feel free to contact BCoE with any questions.


Starry continues its progress to make high quality, affordable broadband available to consumers across the world. Using our innovative pre-standard 5G millimeter wave technology, we are expanding our footprint from Boston, Massachusetts to Los Angeles, California and Washington, D.C. in early 2018, with another 14 U.S. markets coming online by the end this year. You can read more about our expansion here.

We believe in the power of our technology to help other operators improve the quality and availability of broadband in all communities and are opening aspects of our technology to the broader 5G ecosystem. In January, we announced a collaboration with Marvell that will bring together elements of Starry’s innovative millimeter wave, pre-standard 5G fixed wireless technology. Specifically, Starry’s integrated circuit, smart-antenna technology, with Marvell’s expertise in 802.11ax technology. This new technology will be available for companies seeking to build the internet access networks of the future. Through this initiative, Starry will help accelerate the development of a pre-standard 5G technology ecosystem to meet the bandwidth and connectivity demands of communities across the globe. You can read more about this collaboration here.

PR/Media Update

In the News
Land Mobile: Dynamic Spectrum Alliance Updates Model Rules for TV White Space Technology
Satellite Evolution: DSA welcomes the Telecommunications Authority of Trinidad and Tobago’s TV White Space Framework
Telecompaper: DSA welcomes Trinidad and Tobago's TV white space framework
Sat News: Agenda and Speakers for the DSA's Six Annual Global Summit in London Have Been Announced
Future Tech Podcast: Advocating for Increased Unlicensed and Shared Spectrum Broadband Services

Recent Industry Events

PTC, 21-24 January, Honolulu, Hawaii, United States

PTC’18 was the 40th Anniversary celebration for PTC’s annual conference, opening a new decade of connections. DSA President, Kalpak Gude, represented the DSA on the panel session: ‘Getting to 5G: Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue’ on Tuesday 23 January.

IoT Evolution Expo, 22-25 January, Orlando, Florida, United States

With a heavy emphasis on IoT applications and business use cases, IoT Evolution Expo highlighted how companies of all kinds are leveraging sensors, connectivity, platforms and data to change the course of their business, create new strategic opportunities and improve the lives of people all over the world.

Nominet: Vibrant Digital Futures, 31 January, London, England

The conference addressed issues around AI, IoT as well as cyber-security. The idea was to have a challenging debate and discussion about the role of technology over the next 10 years for C-level and high-level government types. DSA President, Kalpak Gude spoke on the panel ‘Cut to The Chase – What New Tech is Actually Important?’

The European 5G Conference, 12-13 February, Brussels, Belgium

The European 5G Conference took place at the Steigenberger Wiltcher’s Hotel, Brussels. Focussing on aspects such as connectivity, use cases and deployment models, the two-day event brought together high-level stakeholders to meet and discuss the roadmap ahead as we continue the journey towards a Gigabit Society. DSA President, Kalpak Gude, spoke on a panel titled ‘Assignment and licencing for 5G spectrum.’

Mobile World Congress 2018, 26 February – 1 March, Barcelona, Spain

Mobile World Congress sets the industry standard for mobile innovation. The event offered attendees, sponsors, and exhibitors the unique opportunity to reach the global mobile community.

IWCE Expo 2018, 5-9 March, Orlando, Florida

We saw innovation at its best at IWCE Expo - the premier event for communications technology, where people can make the human connections they need to be successful, whether it is connecting to a future client, boss, employee or business partner. DSA member Peter Flynn also took part in a panel tiled ‘Spectrum & Signal Optimization Track: Understanding 5G’.  

2nd IoT India Expo 2018, 7-9 March, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, India

IoT India Expo was a platform where visionary, ground-breaking research in the Internet of Things meets leading industry experts. The three-day conference brought senior developers, architects, managers, and executives up to date with the latest in developing for the IoT.

Convergence India 2018, 7-9 March, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, India

Convergence India is the only platform in the region which demonstrates the convergence of technologies in the telecoms, IT, broadcast & digital media sectors. DSA member Sekhar Chandrasekhar took part in a panel titled ‘Cybersecurity – a must in today’s environment’.

Upcoming Industry Events

SATELLITE 2018, 12-15 March, Washington, D.C, United States

SATELLITE unites aerospace thought leaders, entrepreneurs, executives, engineers, end-users, and enthusiasts together in one place for the largest and most important global satellite technology event of the year. For more than 35 years, SATELLITE has played a critical role in determining how satellites will shape the future of our world. DSA President, Kalpak Gude, will join the panel titled Telco Execs: Are Satellite and Terrestrial Industries Converging?’

The 3rd Annual Sub-Sahara Spectrum Management Conference, 13-14 March
Nairobi, Kenya

The 3rd Annual Sub-Sahara Spectrum Management is the ONLY dedicated spectrum management conference focusing specifically on the Sub-Sahara region and will be hosted in partnership between ITU, AUC and Forum Global. The conference is set to be a part of a series of events, preceding an ITU Capacity Building Workshop, which will focus on digital migration issues and spectrum management systems for developing countries.

Telecoms World Asia, 19-20 March, Bangkok, Thailand

For 19 years, Telecoms World Asia has been an annual platform for leading international carriers, operators, authorities, and suppliers to meet, learn and create fruitful business partnerships for the betterment of wholesale revenue and growth.

5G MENA 2018, 9-10 April, Dubai World Trade Centre, Dubai

5G MENA brings together telecom operators, solution providers and IoT specialists from across the region to define clear use cases, debate new business models, and drive the connected revolution towards LTE-A, IoT, Smart Cities and 5G.

IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference (WCNC) 2018, 15-18 April, Barcelona, Spain

IEEE WCNC is the world premier wireless event that brings together industry professionals, academics and individuals from government agencies and other institutions to exchange information and ideas on the advancement of wireless communications and networking technology. The conference will feature a comprehensive technical program offering numerous technical sessions with papers highlighting the latest technologies, applications and services. In addition, the conference program includes workshops, tutorials, keynote talks from industrial leaders and renowned academics, panel discussions, a large exhibition, business, and industrial forums.

DTG Summit, 10 May 2018, London

The 12th Summit from The DTG, this premier industry networking event will include insightful speakers and informative debate. DSA President, Kalpak Gude, will join the agenda.

5G North America, 14-16 May 2018, Austin, Texas

The eleventh edition of 5G North America will draw upon leading minds, business influencers and legendary C-Level executives who will discuss the evolution of LTE, early 5G field trials, the business case for 5G and the tech that underpins this transformative technology. DSA member Michael Calabrese, Director of the Wireless Future Project (New America’s Open Technology Institute) will speak on behalf of the DSA.

IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC) 2018, 20-24 May, Kansas City, MO, United States

Themed "Communications for Connecting Humanity," the conference will offer five full days of original paper presentations, tutorials, workshops, keynotes, demonstrations, industry panels and social events designed to further career opportunities and the in-depth understanding of the latest communications advancements worldwide.

5G World, 12-14 June 2018, London, UK

Looking towards the migration from LTE to 5G, this year’s programme will offer an unbiased perspective exploring everything you need to know about becoming 5G ready. DSA member David Crawford, Manager, Centre for White Space Communications (‎University of Strathclyde) will join the agenda and speak on behalf of the DSA.

Connected Britain 2018, 19-20 June, London, England

The Connected Britain 2018 agenda will feature experts from the operator community, government and beyond. Through thought provoking speaker sessions, panel discussions, and interactive roundtables you will walk away with new ideas, tangible solutions to everyday problems and the stronger relationships you’ll need to continue to build the high-speed connectivity for Britain’s future.

CommunicAsia 2018, 26-28 June, Singapore, Malaysia

Unveiling a brand-new look for 2018, ConnecTechAsia will encompass; CommunicAsia, BroadcastAsia, and the new event NXTAsia. In its entirety, the events will cover the full spectrum of communication, broadcast, enterprise technology, and services reflecting the pulse of Asia today. From IoT to smart automation, to content production and management to cloud broadcasting, ConnecTechAsia is the only event that serves the entire ICT and media industry in the region.

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